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Every single event deserves only absolute perfection - and when it comes to DJ's and entertainers - if you're holding an event in Melbourne or Victoria then our company offers the absolute best to make your celebration one to remember!

Our sole focus is on you and your satisfaction - whether you're having a Wedding, Engagement or Birthday Party, Kids School Graduation or Disco, Debutante Ball or even just a House Party then Ignite Entertainment Melbourne will absolutely bring the energy and the party and make your event absolutely spectacular! 

We provide exceptional customer service, and have an absolute genuine care for you and your event! We will listen carefully and curate your evening with you and then use our 18 years of experience to absolutely nail the performance for you at the event!

Don't let anything get in the way of making the perfect choice for your event - We are the absolute market leaders in Melbourne & Victoria right across the board for music & sound quality - in fact we are the ONLY DJ company in Victoria to have every single song ever produced in the best audio quality available at every event! And our customer service, rates, DJ setup and performances are absolutely out of this world!


It's truly not a matter of if you will be satisfied, but it will be a matter of how hard it will be for you to take the huge smile off your face after we deliver the absolutely perfect performance at your event!


We truly care - we have spent our life in customer service and our testimonials from previous clients illustrate exactly how true to our customer centricity values we are! 

We also do not skimp on quality - we own and use the best DJ console available in the world right now! This extraordinary piece of equipment gives us access to every single song ever produced, in the highest audio quality available (which is called lossless audio)!


That mean's no awful YouTube rips which have been broken down to absolutely awful quality (YouTube is often 320kbps, then when ripped the quality is half and often more than that)!

Our lossless audio quality is at least 4 times better than most other DJ's in Melbourne & Victoria, and up to almost 9 times better than some other DJ companies in Melbourne & Victoria!

Your first dance at your Wedding, or your favourite song at your Birthday Party should not be to a scruffy YouTube rip that sounds absolutely awful - with us it will be absolutely crisp and perfect exactly the same as the artists would listen to in the studio - and you'll truly notice the Ignite Entertainment Melbourne quality difference to our competitors at this moment and be thinking to yourself how great a choice you have made with your DJ! 

Furthermore to that - this means that if you or one of your friends or family has a last minute request on the night, we will definitely have it due to having access to every single song in history ever produced - and we can have it loaded and ready to play in 15 seconds! WOW! 

We also keep up to date with all the latest music, and love to surprise the crowd with some new music as well as staying true to the hits of the past which of course everyone will be up and dancing to! We are absolutely mixologists - we keep the flow and the vibe perfect all night and read the room to perfection to make sure every single person is having a great time no matter how young or old!

We are so dedicated to absolutely creating a unique experience for each and every event, because no 2 events are ever the same! We never play the same old set over and over again because your experience and happiness is at the heart of everything we do!

We also utilise the latest state of the art lighting and can also bring up to 3600 watts of peak power worth of sound system to your event!


This is truly an insane amount of power, and can easily fill a room and coupled with our exceptional audio quality makes for an incredible experience! 

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We are very passionate about our profession - and we truly do have an energy that you'll feel when talking to us and witness when we're performing!

We offer FREE MC'ing as part of every single package! We are very confident behind the mic - and can truly get a crowd jumping with our energy and track selections!

This means that you can ask us to MC as much or as little as you wish - and we will gladly MC and put our absolute heart into our performance for you!

We also offer FREE setup! That time we set up is not charged to you at all! 

We also care about our own presentation, and will dress accordingly for your event. We will also make sure our DJ setup is absolutely perfectly neat with no cords showing and ultra safe for your guests also!

We truly care - whatever we can do to make your event perfect we will do it! 

If you're after a DJ with 18 years experience as a DJ & 20 years of providing extraordinary customer service, who has the absolute highest quality equipment and can play every song ever produced in the best audio quality available - who has a massive smile and a tonne of energy and truly wants your event to be professional and perfect then you are absolutely in the right place! 

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Client Testimony Excerpts -

"Dean was an absolute dream to work with"

"Fantastic night, Dean was such a fun and friendly person and made the night run so smoothly!"

"Dean is the DJ that you must have at any and every event!"