At Ignite Entertainment Melbourne, we take the safety of all our amazing clients and all of your guests very seriously. COVID-19 has certainly changed the way we live our lives, and of course changed the way we celebrate our events.

Our reputation for incredible customer service and care for our clients has never been more important than right now - as we still deliver an incredible night to remember in a COVID-Safe manner.

Listed below are the steps we've taken to remain COVID-Safe whilst performing at your event.


We have made the decision to now set up for all our events 2 hours before the event commences. We need an hour to bump in and set up our equipment, and by adding this additional hour we will be clear of our clients and guests arrival. This will reduce the likelihood of un-necessary close contact.


It would definitely not be the same if we couldn't take requests! Every DJ should be able to take the requests of thier clients, after all it is their event! We have researched very thoroughly, & we have purchased an app that will allow your family & friends to simply scan a QR code, and then enter their song request and that will send it directly through to our mobile phone :-) 


We will then add it to our request list to be played throughout the evening! Of course this completely eliminates the need for close contact when guests want to request a song, but still allows everyone to hear their favourite songs throughout the night!


As we are highly experienced & very confident behind the microphone, we can control the dancefloor or the relevant seating restrictions that may be in effect at your event. This will keep everyone safe & of course it will make sure all relevant stake holders avoid fines - but our sense of humour and amazing customer centricity will still keep it as fun as possible for all the guests in attendance!


With our lives being turned upside down due to COVID-19, there is so much more to take into account when you're electing your Melbourne DJ hire company in 2020 and beyond. Again in line with our values of customer centricity and wanting everything to be perfect for our amazing clients events - we now offer a free Zoom or Microsoft Teams call before you commit to your booking!


This will allow you to ask your questions, and allow us to show you just how much we care about the success of your event in a COVID-safe way!


Right from the very beginning of the pandemic right back in March, Ignite Entertainment Melbourne made the decision that all and any clients who had to cancel their events due to COVID-19 would be entitled to a full refund with no questions asked!


We maintain that exact same stance now, and we've also adjusted our payment requirements to only require full & clear payments 3 days prior to the event! In fact - we have taken it one step further and we are also not requesting ANY deposits at all due to the uncertain nature of everything at the moment!


This is a really true reflection of our customer centric values and to make everything ultra seamless from beiginning to end! You should not be penalised at all if your event is cancelled due to a pandemic! :-)


Yes we are! :) Please feel most welcome to request proof of vaccination if you like and we'll be only too happy to provide it. Our clients piece of mind, safety and enjoyment of their night is the most important thing to us! :)