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Ignite Entertainment On Tour! Maryborough Debutante Ball Weekend Performances!

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

We had an INCREDIBLE weekend in the beautiful Victorian Country town of Maryborough, as we performed on 2 separate nights for the St Augustine's Parish Debutante Balls!

This weekend really showcased our razor sharp planning and execution skills, as we had to set up mid event in a very quick and efficient manner on the stage which was also being used to present the Debutantes throughout the first part of the night.

We were able to communicate with and work flawlessly with the Debutante Ball event staff to orchestrate this very methodical process - and both nights we absolutely nailed it with glowing praise from not only the Debutante Ball event organisation crew, but also the venue (The Highland Society Maryborough) who complimented us on our customer service, our efficiency for the seamless transition from one part of the night to the other and of course for 2 epic performances which absolutely blew the roof off of the place!

This event had 250 guests on both nights, and to quote the event organisation crew - "We have never seen someone fill the dancefloor straight away and keep them there all night, normally they all go home early and nobody is left at the end!" Also, "We have never seen them having such a good time that they jump up on the stage"!

We were of course flattered with both of those comments - and that truly gave us a great feeling that we had absolutely smashed the weekend, and we can not wait to do it all again with the incredible people of Maryborough!

We stayed in Maryborough both nights also, and it was really lovely to take in some of the sights and sounds of Maryborough during our downtime. We truly will travel far and wide and even stay in these beautiful towns to facilitate amazing events for our clients!

No matter the occasion, no matter the location - Ignite Entertainment Melbourne will absolutely bring the party and make your night one to remember!

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